Pre- and Post- Processing

Pre processing

To prepare the input files to the kernel, a Graphical user interface is provided. In the GUI, structures are constructed from blocks with desired material properties (conductors or dielectrics).

The GUI export text files describing the objects (coordinates and material properties). Then the text files can be edited to include: excitation (I, V), external circuit elements (R, L, C, T), probes, analysis mode (.tran, .AC), PEEC model options, and solver options.

The input files are give to the kerner/solver, which performes meshing, partial element calculations, solution of the circuit equations, and create (Matlab-)plottable files for visualizing current- and voltage distribution. A sub-module can create kernel input files from CAD formats: .obj, .x, .xvs, and .ciin (Power-PEEC format).

Post processing

The kernel create (Matlab-)plottable files for visualizing current- and voltage distribution by using the option ".plot V I" in the input files. Matlab is then used to plot voltages and currents at selected frequencies and time points or for creating animations. All the figures and animations in the "Exampls"-section is created using Matlab and the kernel.