Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics

Norbert Euler

Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics
Luleå University of Technology
SE-97187 Luleå, Sweden

E-mail: norbert@ltu.se

Professor of Mathematics at Luleå University of Technology (room E873).

My research interests are nonlinear differential equations (ODEs and PDEs), their integrability and methods for exact solutions using Lie group theory, continuous-, discrete- and nonlocal transformations as well as the Painleve Analysis.

Published Research Papers and Books:

A list of my research papers and books.

New Book, 2018:
"Nonlinear Systems and Their Remarkable Mathematical Structures" (Vol. 1) , Norbert Euler (Ed)
Currently in press at CRC Press (Boca Raton, FL, USA), 2018. View the Contents, Preface and list of Authors.

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Editorial Work:

Seminar Series in Mathematics and its Applications

JNMP Conference: 2013
JNMP Conference: 2019


  • M7022M: Algebraic Methods in Physics

  • M0030M: Linear Algebra and Integral Calculus: Lp2, 2018

  • M0031M: Linear Algebra and Differential Equations: Lp3, 2019

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