Journal of

Nonlinear Mathematical Physics

Online Access

VOLUME 10, NUMBER 1 (February 2003)


J E SOLOMIN and M ZUCCALLI Postscript or pdf
Noncentral Extensions as Anomalies in Classical Dynamical Systems
(pages 1-9)

Z YIN Postscript or pdf
On the Cauchy Problem for a Nonlinearly Dispersive Wave Equation
(pages 10-15)


V DORODNITSYN and R KOZLOV Postscript or pdf
A Heat Transfer with a Source: the Complete Set of Invariant Difference Schemes
(pages 16-50)

G GAETA Postscript or pdf
The Poincaré-Nekhoroshev Map
(pages 51-64)

M SCHWARZ Jr Postscript or pdf
Nonlinear Schrödinger, Infinite Dimensional Tori and Neighboring Tori
(pages 65-77)

A SERGYEYEV and J A SANDERS Postscript or pdf
A Remark on Nonlocal Symmetries for the Calogero-Degasperis-Ibragimov-Shabat Equation
(pages 78-85)

K KAJIWARA and K KIMURA Postscript or pdf
On a q-Difference Painlevé III Equation: I. Derivation, Symmetry and Riccati Type Solutions
(pages 86-102)

A M PERELOMOV Postscript or pdf
On Frequencies of Small Oscillations of Some Dynamical Systems Associated with Root Systems
(pages 103-109)

A M GRUNDLAND and W J ZAKRZEWSKI Postscript or pdf
On CP1 and CP2 Maps and Weierstrass Representations for Surfaces Immersed into Multi-Dimensional Euclidean Spaces
(pages 110-135)

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