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Professor Wilhelm I Fushchych has been the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Nonlinear Mathematical Physics and he published this journal during 1994 to 1997 in Kiev.

VOLUME 4, NUMBER 1-2 (May 1997)


G.A. GOLDIN Postscript or pdf
Gauge Transformations for a Family of Nonlinear Schr\"odinger Equations
(pages 6-11)

T.L. GILL, J. LINDESAY, M.F. MAHMOOD and W.W. ZACHARY. Postscript or pdf
Proper-Time Relativistic Dynamics and the Fushchych-Shtelen Transformation
(pages 12-27)

G. SVETLICHNY. Postscript or pdf
Symmetries of Separating Nonlinear Schr\"odinger Equations
(pages 28-35)

V.A. DANYLENKO and V.A. VLADIMIROV. Postscript or pdf
On the Self-Similar Solutions of Generalized Hydrodynamics Equations and Nonlinear Wave Patterns
(pages 36-43)

W. FUSHCHYCH and I. TSYFRA. Postscript or pdf
On New Galilei- and Poincare-Invariant Nonlinear Equations for Electromagnetic Field
(pages 44-48)

R.Z. ZHDANOV. Postscript or pdf
On Integration of the Nonlinear d'Alembert-Eikonal System and Conditional Symmetry of Nonlinear Wave Equations
(pages 49-61)

A.V. SHAPOVALOV and I.V. SHIROKOV. Postscript or pdf
Functional Algebras and Dimensional Reduction in the LPDEs Integration Problem
(pages 62-68)

U. KEN. Postscript or pdf
Variational Symmetry in Non-integrable Hamiltonian Systems
(pages 69-77)

L. BARANNYK and H. LAHNO. Postscript or pdf
The Symmetry Reduction of Nonlinear Equations of the Type $\Box{u} + F(u, \mathop u\limits_1) u_{0} =0 $ to Ordinary Differential Equations
(pages 78-88)

R.Ya. MATSYUK. Postscript or pdf
Symmetries of Vector Exterior Differential Systems and the Inverse Problem in Second-Order Ostrograds'kii Mechanics
(pages 89-97)

A. ANDREYTSEV. Postscript or pdf
Conditional Symmetry and Exact Solutions of a Nonlinear Galilei-Invariant Spinor Equation
(pages 98-101)

A.F. BARANNYK and Yu.D. MOSKALENKO. Postscript or pdf
Symmetry Reduction of Poincar\'e-Invariant Nonlinear Wave Equations
(pages 102-106)

R.M. CHERNIHA. Postscript or pdf
New Spherically Symmetric Solutions of Nonlinear Schr\"odinger Equations
(pages 107-113)

P. MYRONYK and N. BUBENCHIKOVA. Postscript or pdf
Conditional Invariance and Exact Solutions of a Nonlinear System
(pages 114-116)

Y. YAREMKO. Postscript or pdf
Contact Transformations in Classical Mechanics
(pages 117-123)

W. FUSHCHYCH and V. BOYKO. Postscript or pdf
Continuity Equation in Nonlinear Quantum Mechanics and the Galilei Relativity Principle
(pages 124-128)

I.I. YURYK. Postscript or pdf
Reduction and Some Exact Solutions of the Multidimensional Liouville Equation
(pages 129-131)

V. STOHNY. Postscript or pdf
Symmetry Properties and Exact Solutions of the Fokker-Planck Equation
(pages 132-136)

A. VOROBYOVA. Postscript or pdf
Conditional Symmetry of Equations of Nonstationary Filtration and of the Nonlinear Heat Equation
(pages 137-140)

I.A. MISHCHENKO. Postscript or pdf
The Algebra $A\tilde{P}\left(1,3\right)$ Invariants and Their Application to the Theory of Born-Infeld Field
(pages 141-145)

O. LEIBOV. Postscript or pdf
Reduction and Exact Solutions of the Monge-Ampere Equation
(pages 146-148)

V. POPOVYCH. Postscript or pdf
On Classes of Lie Solutions of MHD Equations, Expressed via the General Solution of the Heat Equation
(pages 149-151)

V. SMALIJ. Postscript or pdf
On the Symmetry of Some Nonlinear Generalization of a Vector Subsystem of the Maxwell Equations
(pages 152-154)

V.I. SOKOLOV. Postscript or pdf
A Model of Control of an Equation for Two-Electron Interaction
(pages 155-160)

V. TRETYAK and V. SHPYTKO. Postscript or pdf
On Relativistic Mass Spectra of a Two-Particle System
(pages 161-167)

V.I. LEHEN'KYJ. Postscript or pdf
Point Symmetries of Controlled Systems and Their Applications
(pages 168-172)

V.M. BULAVATSKY and I.I.YURYK. Postscript or pdf
Mathematical Simulation of Heat Transfer in Relaxing Media
(pages 173-174)

A.M. KOROSTIL'. Postscript or pdf
On Finite-Gap Elliptic Solutions of the KdV Equation
(pages 175-179)

V.P. OLEINIK. Postscript or pdf
Nonlinear Quantum Dynamical Equation for Self-Acting Electron
(pages 180-189)

A.A. BORGHARDT, D.Ya. KARPENKO and D.V. KASHKAKHA. Postscript or pdf
States of a Charged Particle with a Tensor-Like Mass in External Constant Magnetic Field
(pages 190-194)

Y. BESPALOV. Postscript or pdf
On the Braided FRT-Construction
(pages 195-205)

W.I. SKRYPNIK. Postscript or pdf
On Quantum Systems of Particles with Singular Magnetic Interaction
(pages 206-208)

A.V. VINOGRADSKAYA. Postscript or pdf
Two-Point Boundary Optimization Problem for Bilinear Control Systems
(pages 209-213)

V.I. ZHDANOV and P.V. TITARENKO. Postscript or pdf
One-Dimensional Discontinuous Flows in Relativistic Magnetohydrodynamics
(pages 214-217)

A.A. BORGHARDT and D.Ya. KARPENKO. Postscript or pdf
Radiative Friction in the Lorentz-Dirac Equation and its Decomposition in the Interaction Constant
(pages 218-220)

Z. QIAO. Postscript or pdf
Completely Integrable Generalized C. Neumann Systems on Several Symplectic Submanifolds
(pages 221-230)

M.B. ABD-EL-MALEK and S.N. HANNA. Postscript or pdf
Sound Attenuation in a Circular Duct of a Viscous Medium in the Absence of Mean Flow
(pages 231-240)

T.P. KOVALENKO. Postscript or pdf
The Scenario of Appearance of Periodic and Chaotic Modes in a Model with Control over Biosynthetic Processes
(pages 241-244)

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