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This issue has been devoted to the memory of Professor Wilhelm Fushchych who passed away on April 7th, 1997.
Professor Fushchych was the Founder and Editor-in-Chief and he published the Journal of Nonlinear Mathematical Physics during 1994 to 1997.

VOLUME 4, NUMBER 3-4 (September 1997)


M. Senthil Velan and M. Lakshmanan. Postscript or pdf
Invariance Analysis of the (2+1) Dimensional Long Dispersive Wave Equation
(pages 251-260)

R. Jackiw. Postscript or pdf
A Nonrelativistic Chiral Soliton in One Dimension
(pages 261-270)

P.J. Olver. Postscript or pdf
Pseudo-Stabilization of Prolonged Group Actions I. The Order Zero Case
(pages 271-277)

F. Finkel and N. Kamran. Postscript or pdf
On the Equivalence of Matrix Differential Operators to Schrödinger Form
(pages 278-286)

T.D. Palev. Postscript or pdf
An Analogue of Holstein-Primakoff and Dyson Realizations for Lie Superalgebras. The Lie Superalgebra sl(1/n)
(pages 287-292)

W.X. Ma, R.K. Bullough and P.J. Caudrey. Postscript or pdf
Graded Symmetry Algebras of Time-Dependent Evolution Equations and Application to the Modified KP Equations
(pages 293-309)

N. Euler. Postscript or pdf
Transformation Properties of x''+f_1(t)x'+f_2(t)x+f_3(t)x^n=0
(pages 310-337)

A. Arai. Postscript or pdf
A Class of Representations of the $*$-Algebra of Canonical Commutation Relations over a Hilbert Space and Instability of Embedded Eigenvalues in Quantum Field Models
(pages 338-349)

M. Tajiri and Y. Watanabe. Postscript or pdf
Periodic Soliton Solutions as Imbricate Series of Rational Solitons: Solutions to the Kadomtsev-Petviashvili Equation with Positive Dispersion
(pages 350-357)

K. Chowdhury and A. Roy Chowdhury. Postscript or pdf
An Analytic Approach to Torus Bifurcation in a Quasiperiodically Forced Duffing Oscillator
(pages 358-363)

J. Pohjanpelto. Postscript or pdf
The Cohomology of a Variational Bicomplex Invariant under the Symmetry Algebra of the Potential Kadomtsev-Petviashvili Equation
(pages 364-376)

W. Zachari. Postscript or pdf
On Shtelen's Solution of the Free Linear Schrödinger Equation
(pages 377-382)

M. Legare. Postscript or pdf
Lie Superalgebra Valued Self-Dual Yang-Mills Fields and Symmetry Reduction
(pages 383-391)

V. Lahno. Postscript or pdf
Conformally Invariant Ansätze for the Maxwell Field
(pages 392-400)

J. Beckers, N. Debergh. Postscript or pdf
On Radial Schrödinger Equations in Curved Spaces and Their Spectra Through Nonlinear Constraints
(pages 401-408)

L.F. Barannyk. Postscript or pdf
On Classification of Subalgebras of the Poincar\'e Algebra
(pages 409-417)

T. Gill and W. Zachari. Postscript or pdf
Proper-Time Formulation of Classical Electrodynamics
(pages 418-425)

R. Zhdanov and W. Fushchych. Postscript or pdf
On New Representations of Galilei Groups
(pages 426-435)

J. Niederle and A. Nikitin. Postscript or pdf
Non-Lie and Discrete Symmetries of the Dirac Equation
(pages 436-444)

A. Barannyk. Postscript or pdf
On Subalgebras of the Conformal Algebra AC(2,2)
(pages 445-454)

A. Prykarpatsky, O. Hentosh and D. Blackmore. Postscript or pdf
The Finite-Dimensional Moser Type Reduction of Modified Boussinesq and Super-Korteweg-de Vries Hamiltonian Systems via the Gradient-Holonomic Algorithm and Dual Moment Maps. Part I
(pages 455-469)

W. Fushchych and Z. Symenoh. Postscript or pdf
Symmetry of Equations with Convection Terms
(pages 470-479)

V. Shtelen. Postscript or pdf
Lorentz Transformations for the Schrödinger Equation
(pages 480-481).

L.L. Barannyk. Postscript or pdf
Invariant Solutions of a Nonlinear System of Differential Equations for Electromagnetic Field
(pages 482-491)

A. Val, S. Korenblit, V. Leviant and A. Tanaev. Postscript or pdf
A Dynamical Mapping Method in Nonrelativistic Models of Quantum Field Theory
(pages 492-503)

Yu. Markov and M. Markova. Postscript or pdf
Exact Solutions of a Quark Plasma Equilibrium in the Abelian Dominance Approximation
(pages 504-515)

I. Kachurik. Postscript or pdf
Representations of the $Q$-deformed Euclidean Algebra ${U_q({\rm iso}_3)}$ and Spectra of their Operators (pages 516-524)

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