Journal of

Nonlinear Mathematical Physics

Online Access: Volume 8, Supplement, February 2001

Proceedings of the 13th Workshop NEEDS'99:

Nonlinear Evolution Equations and Dynamical Systems

Edited by
B Pelloni, M Bruschi and O Ragnisco

ISBN: 91-631-0262-5
ISSN: 1402-9251



  1. S ABENDA and Yu FEDOROV PostScript or pdf
    Complex Angle Variables for Constrained Integrable Hamiltonian Systems
    (pages 1-4)

  2. N V ALEXEEVA, I V BARASHENKOV and G P TSIRONIS PostScript or pdf 
    Taming Spatiotemporal Chaos by Impurities in the Parametrically Driven Damped Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation
    (pages 5-12)

  3. A BALLESTEROS and S CHUMAKOV PostScript or pdf 
    Nonlinear Models in Quantum Optics through Quantum Algebras
    (pages 13-17)

  4. A BALLESTEROS and F J HERRANZ PostScript or pdf 
    Two-Photon Algebra and Integrable Hamiltonian Systems
    (pages 18-22)

  5. R BEALS, D H SATTINGER and J SZMIGIELSKI PostScript or pdf 
    Peakon-Antipeakon Interaction
    (pages 23-27)

  6. I V BIKTASHEVA and V N BIKTASHEV PostScript or pdf 
    Response Functions of Spiral Wave Solutions of the Complex Ginzburg-Landau Equation
    (pages 28-34)

  7. P BIZOŃ PostScript or pdf 
    Threshold Behavior for Nonlinear Wave Equations
    (pages 35-41)

  8. V CALIAN PostScript or pdf 
    Sp(2) Quantization of Solitonic Theories
    (pages 42-47)

  9. A S CARSTEA PostScript or pdf 
    Bilinear Approach to Supersymmetric KdV Equation
    (pages 48-52)

  10. P CASATI PostScript or pdf 
    A Hidden Hierarchy for GD4
    (pages 53-57)

  11. R CASEIRO and J P FRANÇOISE PostScript or pdf 
    Algebraic Linearization of Hyperbolic Ruijsenaars-Schneider Systems
    (pages 58-61)

  12. F A C C CHALUB and J P ZUBELLI PostScript or pdf 
    On Huygens' Principle for Dirac Operators and Nonlinear Evolution Equations
    (pages 62-68)

  13. E D’HOKER and D H PHONG PostScript or pdf 
    Calogero-Moser Systems and Super Yang-Mills with Adjoint Matter
    (pages 69-78)

  14. O L de LANGE and J PIERRUS PostScript or pdf 
    Amplitude-Dependent Oscillations in Gases
    (pages 79-81)

  15. S DE LILLO and V V KONOTOP PostScript or pdf 
    Inhomogeneous Burgers Lattices
    (pages 82-87)

  16. A DOLIWA PostScript or pdf 
    Asymptotic Lattices and W-Congruences in Integrable Discrete Geometry
    (pages 88-92)

  17. D ELLINAS, E P PAPADOPOULOU and Y G SARIDAKIS PostScript or pdf 
    Quantization of Soliton Cellular Automata
    (pages 93-99)

  18. D ELLINAS and I TSOHANTJIS PostScript or pdf 
    Brownian Motion on a Smash Line
    (pages 100-105)

  19. P G ESTÉVEZ and G A HERNÁEZ PostScript or pdf 
    Painlevé Analysis and Singular Manifold Method for a (2+1) Dimensional Non-Linear Schrödinger Equation
    (pages 106-111)

  20. M FACÃO and M FERREIRA PostScript or pdf 
    Analysis of Timing Jitter for Ultrashort Soliton Communication Systems Using Perturbation Methods
    (pages 112-117)

  21. G FALQUI, F MAGRI and M PEDRONI PostScript or pdf 
    Bihamiltonian Geometry and Separation of Variables for Toda Lattices
    (pages 118-127)

  22. T GRAVA PostScript or pdf 
    Asymptotic Solutions of the Whitham Equations
    (pages 128-132)

  23. B GRÉBERT and T KAPPELER PostScript or pdf 
    KAM Theorem for the Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation
    (pages 133-138)

  24. D GRECU, A VIŞINESCU and A S CÂRSTEA PostScript or pdf 
    Beyond Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation Approximation for an Anharmonic Chain with Harmonic Long Range Interactions
    (pages 139-144)

  25. J HU and M YAN PostScript or pdf 
    Symplectic Structure of the Painlevé Test
    (pages 145-148)

  26. X-B HU and H-W TAM PostScript or pdf 
    Some Recent Results on Integrable Bilinear Equations
    (pages 149-155)

  27. L A KALYAKIN PostScript or pdf 
    Singular Solution of the Liouville Equation under Perturbation
    (pages 156-160)

    Nonlinear Gauge Transformation for a Quantum System Obeying an Exclusion-Inclusion Principle
    (pages 161-165)

  29. V V KONOTOP PostScript or pdf 
    On Integrable Discretization of the Inhomogeneous Volterra Lattice
    (pages 166-171)

  30. N A KUDRYASHOV PostScript or pdf 
    Some Fourth-Order Ordinary Differential Equations which Pass the Painlevé Test
    (pages 172-177)

  31. A KUNDU PostScript or pdf 
    Construction of Variable Mass Sine-Gordon and Other Novel Inhomogeneous Quantum Integrable Models
    (pages 178-182)

  32. S-B LIAO PostScript or pdf 
    Nonlinear Renormalization Group Flow and Optimization
    (pages 183-187)

  33. T LIPNIACKI PostScript or pdf 
    Torsional Travelling Waves in DNA
    (pages 188-194)

  34. H LUNDMARK PostScript or pdf 
    A New Class of Integrable Newton Systems
    (pages 195-199)

  35. A J MACIEJEWSKI and M SZYDŁOWSKI PostScript or pdf 
    Integrability and Non-Integrability of Planar Hamiltonian Systems of Cosmological Origin
    (pages 200-206)

  36. O McCARTHY PostScript or pdf 
    A Simple Family of Non-Local Poisson Brackets
    (pages 207-211)

  37. M MINEEV-WEINSTEIN and A ZABRODIN PostScript or pdf 
    Whitham--Toda Hierarchy in the Laplacian Growth Problem
    (pages 212-218)

  38. A I MUSIENKO PostScript or pdf 
    Topological Solitons in Discrete Space-Time as the Model of Fermions
    (pages 219-224)

  39. O K PASHAEV and J-H LEE PostScript or pdf 
    Self-Dual Chern-Simons Solitons and Quantum Potential
    (pages 225-229)

  40. O K PASHAEV and J-H LEE PostScript or pdf 
    Solition Resonances, Black Holes and Madelung Fluid
    (pages 230-234)

  41. M Yu RASULOVA PostScript or pdf 
    The Solution of Chain of Quantum Kinetic Equations of Bogoluibov for Bose Systems, Interacting by Delta Potential
    (pages 235-239)

  42. S N M RUIJSENAARS PostScript or pdf 
    Reflectionless Analytic Difference Operators (A Delta Os): Examples, Open Questions and Conjectures
    (pages 240-248)

  43. P C SABATIER PostScript or pdf 
    Elbow Scattering and Boundary Value Problems of NLPDE
    (pages 249-253)

  44. R SASAKI PostScript or pdf 
    Universal Lax Pair for Generalised Calogero-Moser Models
    (pages 254-260)

  45. R SCHMID, T XU and Z LI PostScript or pdf 
    A Finite Dimensional Completely Integrable System Associated with the WKI- and Heisenberg Hierarchies
    (pages 261-265)

  46. M SZYDŁOWSKI and A KRAWIEC PostScript or pdf 
    The Kaldor-Kalecki Model of Business Cycle as a Two-Dimensional Dynamical System
    (pages 266-271)

  47. K TODA and S-J YU PostScript or pdf 
    The Investigation into New Equations in (2 + 1) Dimensions
    (pages 272-277)

  48. A V TSIGANOV PostScript or pdf 
    Change of the Time for the Toda Lattice
    (pages 278-282)

  49. N V USTINOV PostScript or pdf 
    On Representation of the P-Q Pair Solution at the Singular Point Neighborhood
    (pages 283-288)

  50. P WĄŻ PostScript or pdf 
    A Dynamical System: Mars and its Satellite
    (pages 289-293)

  51. A E WINN PostScript or pdf 
    A Pivotal Model for the (1+1)-Dimensional Heisenberg and Sigma Models
    (pages 294-299)

  52. Y ZENG PostScript or pdf 
    Quasi-Bi-Hamiltonian Systems Obtained from Constrained Flows
    (pages 300-304)

  53. E A ZUBOVA and N K BALABAEV PostScript or pdf 
    Dynamics of Soliton-Like Excitations in a Chain of a Polymer Crystal: Influence of Neighbouring Chains Mobility
    (pages 305-311)

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