Thomas Gustafsson

Thomas Gustafsson photo 

Thomas Gustafsson
Professor in Automatic Control
Department of Computer Science, Electrical and Space Engineering
Luleå University of Technology
Office: A2558


  • Modeling, estimation and control for Process industry applications

  • Automotive control

  • Robotics

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Per Bengtssons stiftelse delar ut stipendier som riktar sig till studenter vid LTU som har inriktat sina studier inom områden med anknytning till tekniska realtidssystem.

  • 2012 Laurynas Riliskis

  • 2013 Emil Fresk - Combined estimation and control scheme for a quadrotor

  • 2014 Richard Nyberg - Handling time delays in a real time operation of an unmanned ground vehicle

  • 2015 Adrian Lindqvist - Implementation of a Flight Model Based Control Scheme for a Tilt Wing UAV

  • 2016 Kristoffer Ödmark - Real-time Ultra Wideband Localization

  • 2016 Hannah Petersson